The Bride: A Love Story is a 27-minute film that intertwines an epic love story,
real-life personal testimonies, and the sufferings of Jesus. The love story tells
of a father who seeks a bride for his son. Once an innocent child, the bride
grows up to betray the father and son and travels down a path of shame and heartbreak. Out of his great love for his bride, the son suffers unimaginable agony and must pay the ultimate price to get her back.

Heart-rending true-life stories of three individuals, filmed documentary-style, are woven into the love story. A former prostitute shares her story of abuse, pride, and drug addiction, and how her failure led her to dark depths of spiritual and physical bondage. A former satanist shares his story of rebellion, rage, and intense hatred of God that led him to his deathbed with his fourth heart attack at the age of 40. A former terminal cancer patient shares his story of being raised in a Christian home, resentment of the church, and disobedience before his life- altering diagnosis at the age of 18. The prostitute, the satanist, and the cancer patient then share their stories of the stunning moment they encountered God’s grace. All of this builds to a moment of unparalleled hope as the stories become one. The Bride: A Love Story is not only a love story, it’s the life story of every individual who was lost and then found by God’s love.

On Easter of 2012, this moving visual presentation was shown in over 60 churches across the world, and over 2,000 salvations resulted.